Traditional Henry Potter side drums

These classic side drums come as standard with a 16” x 16” rope tension shell, calf heads, gut snares and traditional patterned stud-work. Different paint finishes and emblazoning available on request.

These side drums were originally built for The Guild of Ancient Fifes and Drums. The Guild was formed from a group of aficionados and professionals with an interest in historical and Basel fifing and drumming and appeared in period costume, complete with tricorn hats, playing at various parades and gatherings. These drums can be heard on the recordings Lo Sposalizio and The Coronation of King George II by The Kings Consort.

Snare drum detail
Side drum detail
16" side drums with different paint finishes
16-inch side drums with different paint finishes

Bass Drums

Modelled on the legendary London Symphony Orchestra bass drum, this drum has a steam-bent solid maple shell with two edge hoops and a centre hoop. Shell size 32" diameter by 24" deep.

Bass drum commissioned for the Royal Academy of Music
Bass drum commissioned for the Royal Academy of Music


We undertake all types of drum refurbishment. Possibilities include:

  • Complete rebuild of old and new drums
  • Repair or replace flesh hoops and counterhoops and fit natural or plastic heads
  • Strip down drums, repair and re-lacquer/re-paint including bespoke emblazoning.
Old drum
Drum repairs

Ancillary Products

Henry Potter is pleased to offer a range of ancillary products for percussion instruments.

  • Goose-neck cymbal stands £25
  • Cymbal bags from £30
  • Slings from £60
  • Flesh hoops from £50

To order or enquire about any of the above items please contact us